Arcadia eFuels Progress Continues with Latest Zoning Approvals

October 23, 2023

Arcadia eFuels production plant, located in Vordingborg Denmark, will produce approximately 100 million liters of eSAF each year.

Arcadia eFuels, announces the latest step in the development and building of the company’s first eFuels production plant located in Vordingborg, Denmark. Arcadia eFuels production plant, upon completion in 2026, will not only provide economic growth for the Vordingborg community but will also create 100 million liters of eSAF (sustainable aviation fuel), helping to create a cleaner and greener Denmark.

The support Arcadia eFuels has been afforded by the local mayoral office and mayor, Mikael Smed, reinforces the decision made by the company to open our first eFuel plant in Vordingborg, Denmark. Since the inception of our eSAF production plant, the executive team has traveled the world sharing how Vordingborg’s support has been crucial in Arcadia eFuels reaching key approvals and milestones in the building Europe’s first commercial grade eSAF production plants.

“I am happy to see that Arcadia is not only creating a greener future for Denmark, but the company is also creating economic growth in the region,” said Mikael Smed, Mayor of Vordingbord. “The Arcadia plant will bring new kinds of opportunities and jobs and is part of a bright and green future for Vordingborg and the whole area.”

Arcadia eFuels is honored to be a part of Vordingborg’s newfound growth, success and leadership in decarbonization. With an estimated completion date of 2026; the Vordingborg eFuels production plant will have an initial and lasting positive impact across every economic sector in the area and bring net zero carbon fuels to the aviation sector.

“The continued success and growth of the decarbonize fuel revolution is incumbent on the government’s continued support and involvement with companies at all levels,” said Amy Hebert, CEO of Arcadia eFuels. “With more government support, we can build more and even larger production plants, ensuring that the needs for decarbonized fuels are met locally, nationally and internationally.”

It is estimated by IATA is that SAF could contribute around 65% of the reduction in emissions needed by aviation to reach net-zero in 2050. This will require a massive increase in production to meet demand. The completion of Arcadia eFuels production plant is crucial to the industry meeting the decarbonized fuel mandates. Arcadia eFuels is one of the only eFuel production facilities being built at a commercial level. Upon completion, the plant in Vordingborg, Denmark will produce 100 million liters of, much needed, eSAF per year.

About Arcadia eFuels

Arcadia eFuels is committed to build facilities to produce the world’s future fuels. These net-zero carbon fuels will allow the transportation sector, namely aviation and shipping, to use efuels directly, without changes to existing engines and infrastructure. Arcadia eFuels aims to produce eFuels around the world to help meet the aviation industry’s decarbonization goals. Please visit to learn more or contact us at

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