DCC/Shell Aviation Denmark intend to purchase the full output of eJet Fuel from Arcadia eFuels first production facility

February 21, 2022

Arcadia eFuels ApS is pleased to announce that the leading aviation fuel provider in Denmark, DCC/Shell Aviation Denmark A/S, has signed a letter of intent to purchase the entire output of eJet Fuel from Arcadia’s first eFuels plant.  There is a huge need for sustainable aviation fuel for the aviation industry, and Arcadia eFuels intends to help meet that need.  This cooperation supports Denmark’s goal for net zero carbon domestic flying by 2030 and goes above and beyond by supporting the need with domestic production.

Arcadia eFuels uses reneweable electricity, water, and carbon dioxide to produce net zero carbon fuels that can be used in existing engines and existing infrastructure. The first eFuels plant will produce approximately 55,000MT of eJet Fuel (eKerosene) and 25,000MT of eNaphtha, around 100 million liters per year. 

The eJet fuel complies with the internationally accepted standard ASTM D7566, FT-SPK (Synthesized Paraffinic Kerosene) and can be blended up to 50% with conventional jet fuel for use as aviation fuel.  This fuel allows airlines to cut their carbon emissions proportionally to meet national and international targets. 

About Arcadia eFuels

Arcadia eFuels is committed to build facilities to produce the world’s future fuels. These net-zero carbon fuels will allow the transportation sector, namely aviation and shipping, to use efuels directly, without changes to existing engines and infrastructure. Arcadia eFuels aims to produce eFuels around the world to help meet the aviation industry’s decarbonization goals. Please visit www.arcadiaefuels.com to learn more or contact us at info@arcadiaefuels.com.

About DCC/Shell Aviation

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is a joint venture between DCC Holding Danmark and Shell’s global aviation fuel business.  Responsible for the logistics and supply of Shell jet fuel to seven Danish airports, the company is the largest independent jet fuel supplier to Danish aviation. Visit www.shellaviation.dk for more information and contact details

About DCC plc

DCC is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group with a clear focus on sustainable growth. DCC is an ambitious and entrepreneurial business operating in 21 countries, supplying products and services used by millions of people every day. Building strong routes to market, driving for results, focusing on cash conversion and generating superior sustainable returns on capital employed enable the Group to reinvest in its business, creating value for its stakeholders.

Headquartered in Dublin, the Group operates across three sectors: energy, healthcare and technology, employing over 15,500 people. DCC plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100. In its financial year ended 31 March 2022, DCC generated revenue of £17.7 billion and adjusted operating profit of £589.2 million.