Arcadia eFuels announces its first eFuels plant location in Vordingborg, Denmark

February 16, 2022

Arcadia eFuels ApS has signed Letter of Intent with Port of Vordingborg and received support from the municipality of Vordingborg to locate the world’s first eFuels plant at scale in Vordingborg in the southern part of Zeeland – 100 km south of Danish capital Copenhagen. 

The parties are currently negotiating a definitive lease agreement.

Arcadia eFuels uses renewable electricity, water, and carbon dioxide to produce net zero carbon fuels that can be used in existing engines and existing infrastructure.  The first eFuels plant will produce approximately 66,000 MT of eJet Fuel (eKerosene) and 12,000 MT of eNaphtha, around 100 million liters per year.

The eJet fuel complies with the internationally accepted standard ASTM D7566, FT-SPK (Synthesized Paraffinic Kerosene) and can be blended up to 50% with conventional jet fuel for use as aviation fuel. This fuel allows airlines to cut their carbon emissions proportionally to meet national and international targets. 

The plant is construction and startup is planned to follow an aggressive timeline, important to start solving climate change with net zero carbon fuels and will be dependent on the permitting process adhering to schedule.

The Port of Vordingborg located at the island, Masnedø, is a perfect location due to the availability of green electricity and the port access to allow for shipping of raw materials and final product to customers. The professionalism of the municipality and the port authorities made the decision for the first site an easy choice.  

Arcadia eFuels intends to produce net zero carbon aviation fuel to meet the Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen’s ambition of carbon neutral flying in Denmark by 2030. Arcadia can supply more than the amount needed from the announced eFuels facility in Vordingborg.

Arcadia eFuels at Port of Vordingborg expects to create 60 permanent local jobs.

CEO of Arcadia eFuels, Amy Hebert:

“We are very proud to announce that we have chosen Port of Vordingborg in Denmark to build the world’s first efuel production facility at scale. This is the first of its kind in the world. 

We have set an ambitious goal to fight climate change and with this we take a major step towards producing zero carbon fuels for aviation within a few years. I would like to thank the municipality and harbour in Vordingborg for the professionalism which made the decision for the first site an easy choice.”

CEO of Vordingborg Port, Jan-Jaap Cramer: 

“Vordingborg Port is very proud and happy to welcome Arcadia eFuels. Over the past years we have worked hard to create the perfect facilities and conditions for new innovative businesses. 

The port strategy has had, and still has a strong focus on green transition, and Arcadia eFuels fits perfectly into this strategy. With yet another green business on Vordingborg Port that will generate jobs and a positive economy, the municipality of Vordingborg will become even more visible and strengthen its future opportunities for hosting environmentally green businesses.” 

Mayor of Vordingborg, Mikael Smed:

“We warmly welcome Arcadia eFuels to Port of Vordingborg. On behalf of the municipality, I am proud that the company has chosen Vordingborg, and this supports our ambition that our area should be the hub of Eastern Denmark for the green industry. 

The agreement demonstrates how important it has been to think forward and expand the Port of Vordingborg to ensure that we could attract companies of this size.

It has significant global branding value for our municipality and the entire area that we have companies like Arcadia eFuels that are the frontrunner for commercially produced zero carbon fuels for aviation and ships. We look forward to a constructive collaboration with Arcadia eFuels in the further planning process until the production facility is constructed.”

CEO of Business Vordingborg Bolette Christensen:

“This is great news for Denmark, for the municipality of Vordingborg and for the green transition that Arcadia chooses Port of Vordingborg to establish their first ground-breaking Power-to-X production facility for zero carbon aviation fuel. 

Thus, Vordingborg Municipality becomes a strong green hub for commercial P-t-X plants at scale, which are frontrunners in technology and scale in the production of green fuels for ships and aviation. 

This will give both the green transition and the business community in our area a huge boost over the next several years. It is a golden opportunity to create many local jobs, increase settlement and develop a sustainable community in economic prosperity.”

About Arcadia eFuels

Arcadia eFuels is committed to build facilities to produce the world’s future fuels. These net-zero carbon fuels will allow the transportation sector, namely aviation and shipping, to use efuels directly, without changes to existing engines and infrastructure. Arcadia eFuels aims to produce eFuels around the world to help meet the aviation industry’s decarbonization goals. Please visit to learn more or contact us at

About Vordingborg Port

Vordingborg Port is located on the north side of Masnedø, west of the Masnedø Bridge. The port covers an area of approx. 200.000 m2 and is geographically situated centrally in the South of Zealand, Møn and Lolland – Falster. Vordingborg Port is close to the TEN-T Corridor Fehmarn Belt Link. The Port of Vordingborg is developing into one of Zealand’s largest and most attractive ports with only an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, close to the motorway network and good infrastructure. By 2026 the port will cover an area of approx. 400.000 m2. Visit or contact us at 

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