Producing the world’s future fuels to protect our environment and power our world

Our Purpose

We feel the sense of urgency to act now and join the fight to combat climate change

Arcadia eFuels will achieve our purpose by creating net zero carbon fuels that use existing infrastructure and work in existing engines.

Our solution uses proven technology in a novel way to meet the significantly outpaced market demand.

We intend to build multiple plants that will each produce 75,000 tons, or 100 million liters, of eFuels per year. Specifically, we’ll produce eDiesel and electro sustainable aviation fuel to power the transportation sector.

Arcadia eFuels meets the emerging demand for net zero carbon emission fuels and combat climate change

Our process starts with renewable electricity to make green hydrogen, then combines hydrogen with carbon dioxide from direct air capture and/or other biogenic carbon sources to produce syngas. The syngas is then processed into eFuels using well known, commercially proven Gas to Liquids process.

Our Expert Team

200+ years relevant experience in industry leading global companies, including executive roles

15+ plant implementations across 4 major continents from start to finish. Additionally our team has been involved in hundreds of plant implementations during various parts of the lifecycle

150+ years of highly relevant, technical experience, and many in our team are considered experts in the hydrogen, syngas GTL (gas to liquids) and refining fields

Highly scalable and ambitious roll out plan

Our highly experienced team has partnered with the best technology providers for the manufacturing process.

We are partnering with a very experienced and reputable firm for FEED and EPC with the aim to build 2 plants per year to meet the growing demand for eFuels.

Arcadia eFuels is advanced for the site in Vordingborg, Denmark and are currently in development for multiple other sites worldwide.

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