Pioneering the Future of Fuel

eFuels are a credible solution, bringing hope and change to our future. eFuels help our global community through net zero carbon emission travel and transportation of goods.

What makes eFuels great?

  • Captured carbon is converted into fuel with >99% efficiency
  • No feedstock limitations
  • No new fuel distribution infrastructure or engine re-design needed for use
  • Economics free from the price of oil

eFuels are drop in replacements

eFuels can use existing fuels infrastructure and are therefore easy to implement globally. eDiesel and eSAF fuels can be used directly or blended to allow for use in traditional engines

Our eDiesel meets ASTM D975 (also the European standard for synthetic diesel EN15940); and can be used as a drop-in replacement

Our eSAF (kerosene) complies with the internationally accepted standard ASTM D7566, FT-SPK (Synthesized Paraffinic Kerosene) and can be blended 50% into fossil jet fuel

eFuels  Market is Significantly Outpacing Supply

Transportation fuels are currently a 1 trillion EUR market and growing.

The EU has proposed a regulation that would mandate the mix of synthetic fuels in the aviation industry. While the required amounts are subject to final regulations, this mandate would require the use of to 5.5% SAF, and specifically the proposed rate of 1% RFNBO by 2030.

ReFuelEU targets will include requirements for synthetic fuels (e-kerosene) agreed at a 1.2% synthetic fuel mandate between 2030 and 2031 and 2% between 2032 and 2035. This is a stark increase
from the original European Commission proposal (0.7% between 2030 and 2035) and a major win for the European Parliment.

In the U.S., the White House announced a plan in September 2021 calling for production of at least 3 billion gallons (100 million tons) of SAF per year by 2030

Danish domestic flying uses ~40 million liters fuels/year and Copenhangen airport uses ~1.1 Billion liters fuels/year (Arcadia eFuels Vordingborg will produce ~80million liters eSAF Fuel/year)

eFuels Market is rapidly evolving

The market for eFuels is growing rapidly since consumers desire to purchase eFuels and other sustainable fuels in order to decarbonize their operations.  In European Union a proposal for regulation is working its way through the legislative process that aims to mandate the use of sustainable aviation fuels and specifically eFuels (also called RFNBO, Renewable Fuel of Non Biological Origin) used in transportation. Additionally, governments around the world are also rolling out various mandates and targets for eFuels.