Our solution is simple and repeatable

The production of eFuels relies on the integration of several technologies that bring the process to life. Our experienced team has the background and skill to deliver on this first of a kind venture.

We are leveraging proven technology and designing modular systems creating a scalable way to meet increasing market demand for eFuels.

The Production to Consumption Lifecycle of eFuels is a Net-Zero Carbon Emmiter

CO2 Capture

CO2 is captured directly from the atmosphere or from an industrial or biogenic source.

Green Hydrogen Production

Renewable electricity is used to produce green hydrogen through a process called electrolysis, Electrolysis splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

eFuels Production and Further Processing

The green hydrogen is combined with the captured CO2 to produce syngas.

Further processing produces carbon neutral eFuels fuels such as sustainable aviation fuel for air transport, eDiesel, eNaptha, and LPG.

End Use by Existing Infastructure

The carbon-neutral eFuel can be used by existing cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes as a complete replacement for its fossil fuel.

Releases the same carbon dioxide which was initially captured and will be recaptured: a carbon recycling system.